Prepared to Meet the Future Challenges of the Shipping Industry

Weco Projects (formerly known as Nordana Project and Chartering) is a quality carrier with a long history dating back to 1996 and over the years this business unity has grown to be an important part of the division’s activities.

With our dedicated and motivated staff we are prepared to meet the future challenges of the shipping industry, guaranteeing our customers a specialized and first class service.

A Unit in Weco Shipping

Being part of Weco Shipping, Weco Projects utilizes of the vast maritime expertise and profound in-house knowledge base of Weco Shipping, which includes technical management, commercial management, terminal operation, stevedoring and warehousing.

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Weco Projects offers worldwide services to shipping companies and business enterprises. We are here to help you resolve your issues quickly and easily. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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