A Proven Track Record

Within the past ten years we have successfully projected, financed and executed 15 new buildings as well as sold 22 secondhand vessels for demolition or further trading.

Tonnage Provider

The ships provided by Weco Projects are of the highest technical standards and specially designed to meet the demands of the most discerning customers. The crews onboard our ships as well as the on-shore administration staff knows that dependability and flexibility are key to our clients’ success in a highly competitive commercial environment.

The Process of a Project

Going from conceptual idea to handover procedure is a complicated process, including formulating design features based on the client’s commercial requirements, preparing outline specifications and selecting key technical components, identifying suitable ship yards, obtaining offers and negotiating with ship yards incl. full building specification, maker’s list and final contract.

Next step in the process is to undertake building inspection including full drawings approval, organizing financing options, budgeting running expenses (opex) and taking care of vetting and negotiations with potential technical managers and finally executing a smooth and trouble free closing and delivery process.

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Weco Projects offers worldwide services to shipping companies and business enterprises. We are here to help you resolve your issues quickly and easily. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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